10 Famous Canadian Artists You Need to Know

Patriklmichel/ March 11, 2023/ Canadian Artists

Numerous Canadian artists have made important contributions to the international art scene, contributing to the country’s rich and diversified cultural legacy. Canadian artists have made a huge contribution towards all the fields like history, culture and social issues. This article will introduce you to ten well-known Canadian painters whose creations have had an influence both at home and abroad.

1.    Emily Carr

If you live in Canada, you must have heard about Emily, as she is among the most popular artists born in the Victoria region. She is renowned for her landscapes and portraits that capture the splendour of the Pacific Northwest’s landscapes. Carr contributed to Canadian literature as a writer and was honoured for her work.

2.   Tom Thomson

Tom Thomson, a painter from Canada, was essential to the growth of Canadian art. He belonged to the Group of Seven, a collection of Canadian landscape painters who played a key role in advancing a uniquely Canadian aesthetic. The Canadian Shield and the wildness of Northern Ontario were frequently shown in Thomson’s artwork.

3.   Lawren Harris

Another member of the Group of Seven who is recognised as one of Canada’s most significant painters is Lawren Harris. His interest in Theosophy, a mystic philosophy that emphasises the interconnectedness of all faiths, as well as his spiritual convictions, significantly impacted his work. The Canadian Rockies and the Arctic were frequently shown in Harris’ paintings.

4.   Jean-Paul Riopelle

The abstract expressionist works of Quebecois painter and sculptor Jean-Paul Riopelle are well-known. His sculptures frequently featured complicated, organic shapes, while impulsive brushstrokes and vivid colours characterised his large-scale canvases. The artwork of Riopelle has been displayed in galleries and museums all around the world.

5.   Edward Burtynsky

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky is well-recognised for his expansive images of urban environments. His photography frequently emphasises the negative effects of human activity on the environment, and he has captured images of anything from oil spills to urban development to mining activities.

6.   Michael Snow

Multidisciplinary artist Michael Snow has produced work in various media, including sculpture, painting, cinema, and music. He is renowned for taking an avant-garde approach to art, and his creations frequently question conventional ideas of form and meaning.

7.    Marcel Dzama

Contemporary Canadian artist Marcel Dzama is renowned for his wacky, surrealist paintings and sculptures. His style is greatly influenced by the art of the Dada and Surrealist movements, and his paintings frequently include anthropomorphic animals and other strange creatures.

8.   Kenojuak Ashevak

Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak was well-known for her prints and paintings that portrayed the Inuit people’s way of life and culture in its original form. She also comes under the category of most popular Canadian artists worldwide. Many museums and libraries have her work present to date.

9.   Rebecca Belmore

Anishinaabe artist Rebecca Belmore uses various media, such as sculpture, installation, and performance art. She frequently discusses social and political concerns in her writing, particularly those that affect Canada’s Indigenous population.

10. Kent Monkman

Cree artist Kent Monkman uses a range of media, including as painting, installation, and performance art. He regularly discusses the history of colonialism and how it affected Indigenous people in Canada in his works. Monkman is recognised for his outspoken, provocative style and ability to challenge the prejudices of his audience regarding race, gender, and gender identities.


Some of the most well-known painters who have significantly influenced the art world are from Canada. These artists have made a huge contribution towards the art of Canada. They’ve also helped the country to hold a place in the Global art rankings. From Tom Thomson’s famous landscapes to Emily Carr’s representations of the Pacific Northwest, these painters have influenced subsequent generations of artists and contributed to the development of Canada’s national identity.

There are many amazing Canadian artists to explore, whether you’re interested in traditional or modern art. This list only scratches the surface of Canada’s extraordinary talent.

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